Basic Requirements

To open a Social Franchise, you need to meet some basic requirements. The selection of our sites is paramount to the success of the business. Our criteria demands a high street venue with good visibility, into and out of the store, to passing trade. In addition the site must be street level with good proximity to convenient parking with the following criteria:

  • The size requirements vary between 300m and 450m (sqaure meters) with an additional 100m outside seating outside sitting.
  • Our site must send one message out -'Welcome, Come in and experience the VIBE.'
  • Gas piped to back house - internals for tenant account.
  • Yard area for refuse, gas cage (supplied by landlord).
  • 3 phase 200 amp power with 60way DB board.
  • Sinage opportunities on building - visible and right size.
  • Rear door delivery entrance.
  • Water and drain point.
  • Shop-fronts to tenant requirements.
  • Aircon and Extraction.

We welcome enterprising individuals and organizations who believe that they have what it takes to be a franchisee. Kindly contact us so that we can arrange a personal meeting for you with our authorized representative. In a personal meeting, we will introduce you to the brand, also learn more about your goals, we would also discuss Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) along with Timeline and Terms. Get in Touch